How did you get started with horses?
I started with horses when I was just 4 years old. I was in love with horses before ever getting on one. I began taking riding lessons at a barn near my house after relentlessly begging my mom to let me take lessons.

How did you get involved in polo?
I was visiting family In Coto de Caza where OC Polo was located at the time. My mom suggested that we go watch a polo match down the street. When we got there I was so impressed to see people swinging mallets off of horses at full speed. I just remember feeling like I absolutely had to try this sport. I signed up for lessons with Heather and soon after that I became part of OC Polo’s first Interscholastic team. I continued with the team through high school and was so excited to see some of my teammates go on to play collegiate polo.

What do you enjoy most about polo?
I enjoy so many things about polo and they all have to do with the horses. I love that I get to play and bond with multiple horses who have their own unique personalities and skills. It has definitely made me a better rider and player. I love the teamwork between horse and rider and the silent communication that goes on between the two while playing. The horses are truly the heart of the sport and that’s why I enjoy it so much.