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How you did you get started with horses?
My love for horses started at a very young age. I couldn’t get enough of the petting zoos and pony rides. Anytime we were driving my Dad would pull over to let me see horses. My grandma and aunt bought my first package of western pleasure lessons as a gift. After that they couldn’t get me out of the barn. One day I was walking through the barn with my dad when he stopped and asked If I had read the stall plate…when I did, I saw my name as the owner!

How did you get involved polo?
I moved down to Southern California and wanted to get back into the horse world but hadn’t found a real connection. One day I was at the dog park and saw a lady wearing polo boots! I started talking with her and she connected me to Heather. From the first call with Heather I have become part of the OC Polo family and am so grateful to have horses in my life once again. I am also very excited about recently purchasing a new horse, Oakie. He arrived just a few hours before we had to evacuate from the Canyon Fires. Everyone just instantly treated her like he was part of the gang, including the other horses who easily welcomed him to the herd so quickly.

What do you enjoy most about polo?
My favorite aspect of Polo is the bond you create between your horse and your teammates, I love our polo family! I also like that it is a much more casual environment than the western pleasure world in which I grew up. There is the pressure to have a perfect horse or perfect equipment. I love the fast paced energy of polo and the independent personalities of each of the horses.