Learn to play polo - no previous RIDING experience needed!  

Lessons include 1 hour of mounted instruction. Focus is on riding skills and hitting technique. 

Group lessons include scrimmage time.   

Junior polo lessons and interscholastic program is available for children 10 years and older. 

Private and group lessons are $125/hour or buy 5 get one free (6 lesson for $625).



One hour lessons include instruction in both horsemanship and riding skills, with the goal of

creating a well-rounded equestrian.

Riders will learn how to safely control their horse while developing a solid riding foundation.

 Horsemanship includes learning how to safely handle a horse on the ground, horse behavior, and

proper horse care. Students will learn how to groom and tack up their own horse.

Perfect for children ages 5 and up who want to learn how to ride, while waiting to move up to our

polo school, or adults who just want to develop basic riding skills.

 Private and group lessons are $100/lesson or buy 5 get 1 free (6 lessons for $500)


Contact Heather Perkins for more information!